siteTitle Energy efficiency in households a long road or just a step away

Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme Project:

Energy efficiency in households - a long road or just a step away

No. RD-02-29-234/29.07.2011

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Project summary

Project title Energy efficiency in households – a long road or just a step away

Lead Partner (name/country) Prof. John Atanasov Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria

Partners Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Niš

Priority axis Priority Axis 2 – Enhancing capacity for joint planning, problem solving and development

Area of intervention Key Area of Intervention 2 – Sustainable development through efficient utilization of regional resources

Duration (in months) 12

Total budget (in €) 187 018.37 EUR

Project Objectives

Overall project objective:

  • encouraging sustainable development and improving local well-being by creating pre-requisites for enhancing household energy efficiency.

Specific objectives:

  • To explain the meaning and the core concepts of energy efficiency;
  • To raise awareness on energy efficiency and clarify the relations with energy consumption, protection of the environment and sustainable development;
  • To clarify the outstanding obligations by law for ensuring energy efficiency that affect households;
  • To educate household energy consumers with energy saving tips;
  • To clarify the measures for improving energy efficiency in buildings;
  • To enable an affordable, intelligible and user-friendly tool for calculation of energy efficiency for households;

Project Activities

  • Project Management;
  • Tender procedures under PRAG;
  • Survey of the existing energy efficiency situation in both countries;
  • Software development for household energy efficiency calculator;
  • Testing of the model calculator in Bulgaria and Serbia
  • Development, activation and administration of common web site for energy efficiency in the households;
  • Elaboration of bilingual brochure on energy efficiency in households and handbook with good practices;
  • Seminars on energy efficiency in the households;
  • Information and publicity activities;
  • Audit.

Project Results

  • Energy efficiency calculator
  • Handbook with best practices
  • Educative bilingual brochure

Target Groups

  • University students
  • Middle-aged working people
  • Retired people